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Honda goldwing custom paint job

Honda goldwing custom paint job

Painted Goldwing

Now I'm going to get to use them to turn out what I hope will be a nice paint job. Probably look nothing like yours but it wont be for lack of trying. Honda Goldwing Vintage Original Low Miles W Bags Shield Fairing Good. Motorcycle Custom Paint, Motorcycles Custom, Vivid Dragon painting​, if you are looking for a custom motorcycle paint job your at the right place!

Remove all of the parts that will be painted, though large parts, such as the fenders and the gas tank, can be left on if the parts around them are masked off and covered with tape and paper. Tape over any openings, bolts or bolt holes so the parts won't be covered in paint. The tank is a great place to start if youre new to painting motorcycles because its fairly easy to remove and has broad, flat surfaces that are easy to work with. The officially licensed Joe Rocket Goldwing Skyline 2.

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