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Futur suv mazda cx 3

Futur suv mazda cx 3

2019 Mazda CX-3 review – Mazda's best looking SUV?, What Car?

The Mazda CX Subtle changes, dramatic effect. A design that's clean and elegant, expressing a sense of purity that's unexpected in a compact. The Mazda CX Is a 3-Based Crossover with an will carry the CX moniker, and possibly signals future tweaks to Mazda's naming. Un chiffre 3 dans leur appellation, un indéniable air de famille en apparence, le nouveau CX de Mazda partage beaucoup de choses.

Mazda routinely ranks below average in the J. Meanwhile, Mazda's residual values still trail its main Japanese counterparts, and the brand spends more on incentives, per average transaction price, than Honda, Toyota and Subaruaccording to Cox. Last year, Mazda embarked on a three-year dealership upgrade targeting some outlets across the U.

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